Homem jovem, de cabelo e barba castanhos, usando óculos, terno e gravata
Homem jovem, de cabelo e barba castanhos, usando óculos, terno e gravata
Fábio Polli Rodrigues

Specializing in procedural law, Fábio takes a preventive approach to disputes—applying legal precedents and risk analysis in shaping business structures, drafting contracts, and devising strategies. With a focus on corporate litigation, particularly in shareholder disputes, he brings extensive experience representing parties in mediation and arbitration. Additionally, he provides consultancy services in commercial law and contracts. Proficient in both Portuguese and English, he is well-versed in navigating legal matters with a dual-language capability.


Fábio brings 19 years of experience to the table. He commenced his career at a medium-sized full-service law firm, spent four years running a solo practice, and played a pivotal role in founding Polli Rodrigues in 2007. Fábio has been actively involved in providing legal counsel and representing Brazilian and international companies across diverse sectors, including aero survey, automation, banking, fast-food, printing, investments, pension funds, real estate ventures, medical equipment, e-commerce, among others—including members of the Fortune 500. He is a registered member of the São Paulo Chapter of the Brazilian Bar Association, bearing registration number 207.020.


Master in Procedural Law: Largo São Francisco School of Law, University of São Paulo, 2011

Law Degree: Largo São Francisco School of Law, University of São Paulo, 2002

English Common Law: Structure and Principles, University of London on Coursera, 2014

European Business Law: Understanding the Fundamentals, University of Lund on Coursera, 2016

European Business Law: Doing Business in Europe, University of Lund on Coursera, 2016

An Introduction to American Law, University of Pennsylvania on Coursera, 2017

Look for Fábio when you need:
  • Actions in judicial proceedings of a commercial or business nature, especially those involving corporate law disputes;

  • Actions in more complex judicial proceedings requiring specialized knowledge in procedural law or strategic aspects;

  • Arbitration procedures, including under the rules of international chambers or involving the use of foreign techniques, such as discovery and cross-examination;

  • Mediation procedures (solely representing one party), aimed at attempting amicable resolutions of corporate and corporate law conflicts;

  • Operations and corporate transactions of small to medium complexity, including cases involving corporate organization, shareholder agreements, collective representation of investors, foreign capital, and the need for authorization from the Brazilian Civil Aviation Agency (ANAC);

  • Legal opinions and advice in commercial law and civil procedure, including the audit of judicial proceedings; and

  • Commercial and real estate contracts, including international agreements.


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